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1. 創造及分享更多的商機

2. 鼓勵姐妹之間可為彼此生意經營上的「良師益友」

3. 世華大洛杉磯分會是世華全新的分會, 第66分會。新會員可以輕鬆地與各領域的精英建立良好的關係,不會像大型組織那樣容易在人群中迷失。

We look forward to see you in our next event and be part of GFCBW-GLA family!  


Top 3 benefits of joining GFCBW-GLA:

1. ​Business networking

2. Lifelong memorship

3. Unlike bigger organizations where you will easiy be lost in the crowd, GFCBW-GLA is a brand new chapter of GFCBW, the 66th chapter.  GFCBW has many chapters worldwide.  New members can easily establish lifelong relationships/mentorship with other members who are at top of their respective professions.


請下載入會申請書, 填寫完後email 至世華大洛杉磯分會或是轉交世華大洛杉磯分會會員.

Please download the application form, fill it out and either give it to GFCBW-GLA or email to:


年滿二十五歲以上從事工商經營之女性,贊同本會宗旨,認同中華民國政府, 由本會會員兩人(一會員及一理監事)推薦,參加一次本會活動及一次例會,並填具入會申請書,經理監事聯席會議審查通過者,成為本會會員。想申請新入會的工商婦女如曾有不當行為及爭議,或傷害其他組織的不良紀錄,本會可拒絕其加入。 

Requirements to Join GFCBW-GLA

  1. Businesswoman over 25 years old who agrees with the mission and vision of GFCBW-GLA and recognizes Republic of China (ROC).

  2. To be recommended by two members of GFCBW-GLA (one regular member and one board member) and to participate in one board meeting and one activity or proggram.

  3. The membership application shall be reviewed and approved by the board of GFCBW-GLA.

  4. GFCBW-GLA reserves the right to turn down an application on the basis that an applicant has misconduct and disputes, past or present.

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